April Fools Day Crafts [Best Crafts]

On this April Fools Day, Do something different with these April Fools Day Crafts which are given below. We have shared some of the best April Fools Crafts for kids which you can use of April Fools Day.

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 1.The Oreo Prank

In this prank, you will need an Oreo Biscuit and a Toothpaste. Just Open the Buscuits and remove the cream from them. After Removing the cream from the shell, Replace it with some toothpaste and give it to your friend or anyone. Make them fool :p 

2. Fake Spills

They look like a mess, but they’re solid!  Make them trick mom, dad or the lunchroom supervisor on April Fool’s Day.


  • white glue (regular school glue)
  • white paint (we used acrylic paint)
  • favorite breakfast cereal
  • plastic spoon
  • plastic wrap (saran wrap)
  • plastic cup or other small containers you can dispose of


  • Pour white glue into a plastic cup or other disposable containers — You don’t have to be fussy about the amounts you use…  We used a plastic cup and filled it about 1/3 of the way full.
  • Add about one tsp of white paint.  (Again, you don’t have to be exact).
  • Stir well with a plastic spoon.
  • Cover tray or cookie sheet with plastic wrap (the project takes a few days to dry so you’ll want something you can move out of the way).
  • Pour your glue/paint mixture onto the saran wrap and just let it ooze out into a spill shape.
  • Scrape out as much as you can using your spoon.
  • Discard your cup or container
  • Optional:  Put your spoon into the spill (so it looks like the spoon was spilled too).
  • Sprinkle some cereal into the spill (we used cheerios).
  • Set aside for at least 2 days to dry (it may take a bit longer or shorter depending on the climate you live in) — you can speed up the process by putting it near a heat source (for example, turn an oven on as low as you can, let it heat and then turn it off — pop the project in the cooling oven for awhile) — make sure the heat source isn’t TOO hot — we don’t want smoldering acrylic paint!
  • When it’s dry, peel off the plastic wrap and place your ‘spill’ somewhere where it’ll fool people!

Watch this Most Funny April Fools Compilation Ever.

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